10 Things You Don’t Need To Buy For Your New Baby

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Making a baby registry and preparing for the arrival of your little bundle can be fun but it can also quickly become overwhelming. There is an abundance of baby products available now, many of which retailers and moms tell you are absolutely necessary.

The truth is some of those things just aren’t as necessary and others make them seem. In fact, they are truly a waste of money. It is best to just save your money and avoid purchasing these items, looking for something more practical and comparable or simply using what you already have at home.

1. Baby Shoes

It’s going to be at least 9 or 10 months before your baby’s feet start taking them places. And while there will be a lot of practicing and bouncing before those first steps, baby shoes are simply not needed. Save your money and save the shoes for when your baby is ready to start walking outside.

If you are worried about keeping your baby’s feet warm in the winter, opt for baby slippers or booties instead, which are just more practical.

2. Wipes Warmer

I have never known a baby who is truly bothered by cold wipes. Of course, they can’t speak for themselves, but it’s not necessary to wipe your baby’s bottom with a warm wipe.

If your baby wipes are actually cold enough to bother your baby, you may need to reconsider where you are keeping them. Don’t leave them in a freezing car and try to make sure they stay at room temperature.

3. Newborn Size Clothes

There are very few cases where newborn size clothes are actually needed. Babies who are born prematurely will wear small clothes for longer, but for the average baby, newborn clothes will fit for all of a couple of weeks – if they even fit at all.

It’s better to go straight to 0-3 month size. Even if it is a little bit big at first, your baby will probably fit into it within a few days to a week as they chunk up.

4. Newborn Diapers

For the same reason, newborn diapers are pointless. Perhaps even more so than newborn clothes, newborn diapers rarely fit babies and if they do, they won’t fit for longer than a week. Skip the newborn size and go straight to diapers size 1.

5. Changing Table

Unless you absolutely need a piece of furniture to finish off your baby’s nursery, you don’t need a changing table. There are great substitutes that give you a sanitary and safe place to change your baby without needing a separate piece of furniture.

If you have a low dresser or chest of drawers, you can get a smaller changing pad to place on top to change your baby. These are very handy since they are easily portable. You can move it to the bed, crib, floor, or anywhere else you may need to change your baby.

Another reason why changing tables are pointless – besides the amount of space they take up – is because your baby won’t use it for long. As soon as your child is active, they won’t want to sit still long enough for a proper diaper change. In fact, placing them on a high table like that is dangerous if they don’t want to sit still.

In the end, the amount of time they will spend in diapers is far longer than the changing table will be useful for.

6. Baby Blankets

Besides their conveniently small size, baby blankets are just about pointless. Anything that you will need a blanket for – swaddling or covering the car seat in the winter – can be achieved with a blanket you already have (or in the case of swaddling, a special blanket is needed).

The main thought behind a blanket is to keep your baby warm when they are sleeping. However, it is very dangerous to put a blanket in the crib with your baby while they are sleeping. Instead, dress your baby in warmer layers to keep them warm without the suffocation risk of a blanket.

7. Infant Bathtub

This is one thing that some may argue on. Infant bathtubs can be useful when your baby is unable to sit up on their own, but at the same time, they are bulky and can take up so much space.

  By the time your child is ready for a real bath, they are likely old enough to sit up on their own in the regular tub.

You can simply bathe your baby in the sink and put a hand towel at the bottom to prevent slipperiness or you can get Blooming Bath Lotus it’s very comfortable, safe and easy to clean.

8. Floor Seat like the Bumbo

Babies can get bored laying on the backs or tummies all the time, so many parents buy floor seats – like the Bumbo – to prop their babies up before they are able to sit up on their own.

It may seem like a good idea, but they are expensive and your little one will outgrow it so quickly it’s not worth your money. The leg holes on these seats are so small that as soon as your baby starts to get some chunk, they won’t fit anymore.

Try using a Boppy or nursing pillow instead to prop your baby up in a sitting position. If you feel better using a seat, you can always find a booster type of seat that can be sat on the floor, like the Ingenuity Baby Base seat.

9. Crib Bedding Sets

It’s easy to get caught up in the cuteness of all the baby stuff you find in the store, but don’t go so far as buying a full crib bedding set simply because it’s cute. These sets come with pieces that are unnecessary and actually dangerous.

One piece in particular – the crib bumper – is not recommended. The point of these is to keep your baby’s limbs from getting caught between the rungs of the crib. However, they pose a suffocation risk since they are lose fitting and padded.

In reality, the only piece of bedding your baby needs for their crib is a fitted sheet.

10. Baby Food Maker

It’s becoming more and more popular for moms to make their own baby food at home. This cuts down on the number of chemicals and preservatives introduced to babies and helps moms know exactly when they are feeding their children.

As such, there is rising popularity in baby food makers, otherwise known as small blenders. There is no need to purchase a blender specifically for making baby food. Just use the one you have at home. Food processors work well too.

What baby items or products you bought or received that you didn’t need or never used? 

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