Hello moms and dads!

Welcome to my blog PistaChou!

My name is Bumi, I am a happy mom of 3 loving children: one of 10 years, another of 6, and a 10 months old baby.

My adventure as a mother is perhaps the most fascinating and enriching thing I have ever lived. I am blessed to have wonderful kids who have taught me so much, especially about life.

As you surely know, being a parent is not easy and it’s not because nothing prepares you for it. Not even family education classes at school or TV news shows. I think even your mother’s experience is very different from yours!

As a parent like you, I have gone through all the emotions from the joy of having a child, constant feeding, dirty diapers, crying baby to sleepless nights. I am sure all parents can relate to these.

Why this blog?

Being a parent is the best thing ever but it can be overwhelming and challenging as there are so many things to consider. You can’t really predict how life will be like with a new baby until you’ve experienced it.

Dear parents that are reading this: don’t lose your coolness. To be a supermom you don’t need superpowers, even though it looks a lot like action movies because you always have to keep moving and be prepared for any situation.

I started this blog because having 3 awesome kids makes time fly and with so many things to do it’s very hard to assimilate information from different sources.

Here you will find various baby-related topics and tips you need to support you through your amazing motherhood adventure.  I promise you content that is rich, fun and easy to read.

Whether you are a new mom or a mom to be and you are looking for benefits of co-sleeping with your baby or a product review,  we have got you covered!

I hope this blog will help you find what you are looking for or look for a few interesting topics that you will enjoy reading.

If you have any questions or want to share your personal experience, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Wish you all the best,