First Time Pregnancy Must-Haves For Moms-To-Be

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Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in your body, and you need to be prepared to make your pregnancy comfortable and safe for you and your baby. Having gone through pregnancy a few times myself, I highly recommend these must-have products for pregnancy as they worked wonders for me!

1. Pregnancy Pillow

As your belly grows, you will find that sleeping becomes rather uncomfortable. In fact, there is only one position you can really sleep in to keep you and your baby safe. Belly sleeping is impossible and lying on your back can block off blood supply due to the weight of your belly.

In order to sleep more comfortably, a pregnancy pillow can really come in handy. There are a few different types, but the best ones are those that support the weight of your belly when lying on your side as well as wraps around to support your back as well. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover is one of my favorite pregnancy pillows.

2. Maternity Support Belt

Your growing belly is going to start causing you some discomfort as your pregnancy comes closer to its final days. You may notice that your lower back hurts from your belly pulling forward and your loose hip joints.

A maternity support belt is a heavy duty band that lifts and supports your belly as well as relieves pressure on your back. It can also be worn after pregnancy (if you give birth vaginally) as you heal and rebuild your muscles, ligaments, and joints.

3. Maternity Bra

Early in your pregnancy, you may start to notice that your breasts are changing. They have become tender and a bit fuller as they prepare for milk to come in to feed your little one. You may soon find that your regular bras no longer fit and are no longer comfortable.

Maternity bras are a bit different from regular bras. They have more band adjustment options, a fuller cup shape, and are made with more breathable fabrics that feel comfortable against your skin. You will probably need one by about 12 weeks, so try to get yourself fitted before then.

4. Belly Band

One thing you may not be looking forward to in pregnancy is the moment your favorite jeans no longer fit. You can get them to button anymore, but you don’t really want to give them up yet either. This is where a belly band is useful.

A belly band is not to be confused with a maternity belt. While it does offer light support, its primary purpose is to cover the unbuttoned and unzipped part of your pants so you can wear them a little while longer. I like  Maternity Fit, Bamboo belly band, it’s very comfortable, soft and stretchy.

5. Maternity Panties

Once again, your growing belly is going to make it difficult to fit into your old panties. The waistline is not made for your new belly shape and wasn’t intended to fit two people inside.

Maternity panties typically come in two styles: over the bump and under bump. The over bump panties may offer a little extra support under your maternity pants; the under bump panties have more of a V-shaped waistline that helps them look like normal panties without causing uncomfortable pressure on your belly or hips.

6. Compression Knee High Socks

During pregnancy, your blood and overall fluid volume will actually increase as it is needed to help your baby grow inside your body. This extra fluid will cause your feet and ankles to swell which can be uncomfortable.

Compression socks help to reduce swelling in the feet and ankles as well as encourage blood to flow back to the heart where it belongs. It can also prevent possible blood clots from forming in your legs, which is a risk later in pregnancy and can be life-threatening if not addressed. 

I had a lot of swelling, leg cramps, and tingling sensation in my legs and I wish I knew about these compression socks when I was pregnant with my first child. 

7. Maternity Jeans/Pants, Leggings, and Dresses

Even though your body will be going through many changes that will leave you feeling uncomfortable, your clothes shouldn’t contribute to your level of discomfort. You should feel confident as well as comfortable as you go through your pregnancy.

Though maternity tops can be useful as your belly grows, what you really want to invest in pants, leggings, and dresses. Finding the right style can really flatter your bump and leave you feeling like the beautiful, proud momma you really are. You may even find that you want to keep your maternity jeans forever since they are so comfortable.

8. Stretch Mark Oil or Lotion

It’s no secret that your skin – particularly around your belly and thighs – will be stretched just about to its limit by the end of pregnancy. This can lead to unsightly stretch marks that will actually stay with you for the rest of your life.

While stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of – they’re proof that your body has accomplished an incredible feat – it is understandable if you want them to be something you try to avoid.

Be sure to massage your belly and legs every day with oil or lotion specifically formulated for stretch mark prevention like the one on the picture Earth Mama Belly Butter worked well for me. I have 3 kids and don’t have any stretch marks. You can check it out here!

9. Prenatal Vitamins

If you were to only purchase one thing from this list, it should definitely be prenatal vitamins. These are necessary for your health as well as your baby’s throughout the duration of your pregnancy as they provide essential nutrients that are otherwise difficult to get through regular food – folic acid in particular.

Your doctor will ask at your first appointment if you are taking prenatal vitamins yet. They can be found in just about any drugstore or a general big-box store like Walmart, Target or online. If you haven’t started taking them yet, that’s fine too; your doctor will prescribe (you should check with your insurance if they cover prenatal vitamins) or recommend one for you.

10. Skin Lotion

Due to hormone changes, your skin loses some of its elasticity during pregnancy, and with how much your belly is growing, you may find that you have drier skin as well as itchiness.

In addition to lotion or oil for stretch mark prevention, you will also just want a good, overall body lotion to keep your skin moisturized.

What products do you recommend for pregnancy?

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