How to Comfort A Crying Baby

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Crying. Every baby does it; every parent deals with it. Sometimes you can find an easy remedy if you know what is causing your baby’s crying. Other times it may take a bit more work and patience to get through the tough times.

Top 10 Reasons Why Do Babies Cry a lot

1. Hunger

If you don’t catch your baby’s early hunger cues – rooting, squirming, grunting, etc. – they may start crying. You want to be sure to feed your baby as soon as they start getting upset otherwise you will need to calm them down again before they are able to eat properly.

2. Colic

Colic is a difficult thing to define. If your baby is less than 5 months old and you experience several hours of crying every day, often at the same time of day, they may be considered colicky. Your baby will grow out of it, but in the meantime, try some gripe water and patience.

3. Gas

Babies can be very uncomfortable when they have excess gas in their digestive system. It can cause pain and make passing stool very difficult. They need some help passing this gas by burping or tummy massage.

4. Tired

Sometimes babies fall asleep wherever they are; other times they may need some help. If your baby is overly tired, it will be very difficult to calm them down for sleep. Try to keep to a good sleep schedule and catch your baby’s tired cues early before they get too upset.

5. Wants to be Held

Babies need loads of physical contact. After all, they spend nine months inside your belly listening to your voice, breathing, and heartbeat. You may find that your baby starts crying if they’ve spent a lot of time on the floor, in a swing, or just simply not enough time in your arms.

6. Teething

It’s understandable that babies cry when they start cutting their teeth. They have these sharp little things trying to push their way out through a closed piece of flesh. Molars are especially tough due to their size. Your baby just needs a little help getting through these tough times.

7. Dirty Diaper

You wouldn’t want to sit in your own filth all day, and neither does your baby. Dirty diapers, if left unattended for an extended period of time, can also cause a lot of pain for your baby due to diaper rash. Don’t forget to check your baby’s diaper frequently, especially after feedings.

8. Uncomfortable Temperature

Your baby can’t change their clothes if they’re feeling uncomfortable. Just imagine how you would feel if you were stuck in fleece footed pajamas in the middle of the summer with no way to change. Keep your baby dressed appropriately and watch for signs of chill or overheating.

9. Feeling Unwell

It may seem like an overreaction for someone to cry because they don’t feel well, but babies can’t communicate any other way. It could be something as simple as a stuffy nose or even a fever with flu-like symptoms that sets off your baby’s crying.

10. High Needs

When all other options have been ruled out, it may just be that your baby is high needs, meaning they need more attention than most babies. With a high needs baby, you may also notice that they always want to be held and may not sleep very well on their own.

Why Won’t Baby Stop Crying And What To Do?

If you are able to catch your baby before their crying becomes too bad, you can always try a go-to soothing remedy such as a pacifier, playing white noise, or singing a lullaby. However, if your baby is overly upset, these may not work.

How To Calm Overstimulated Baby

Try some of these other ways to calm your baby when they seem inconsolable:

  • Swaddling: this is a great way to get your baby to calm down for bed. It gives your baby the feeling of being safe in the womb again.
  • Massage: this is a great method to help relieve your baby’s gas. Lightly rub your baby’s tummy in a clockwise motion to help move any gas bubbles down the digestive tract. You can also use a lotion or essential oil that aids in sleep to help calm your baby down for bedtime.

  • Moving around: after 9 months in your belly bouncing and rocking around, you may find that your baby calms down when you walk around with them.
  • Warm bath: simulating the womb once again, a warm bath may help to calm your baby down if they are overly upset. Simply spending time in a steamy bathroom can also help if your baby is feeling ill or has a stuffy nose.
  • Skin-to-skin time: this is probably the best way to get your crying baby to calm down. Strip your baby down to their diaper and lay them against your bare chest. This allows them to hear your breathing and your heartbeat as well as smell you.
  • Get some fresh air: even babies can feel cooped up after a while. Fresh air and vitamin D, as well as a change of scenery, may be just what they need to stop crying and divert their attention away from what’s making them upset.
  • Take a break: if your baby is relentless, you may need a moment to calm yourself down. Ask your partner to watch the baby for a few minutes so you can take a moment to breathe and go for a short walk.

When all else fails, just be patient and be there for your baby. They may just need some time knowing that you’re there for them and being held close in order for them to settle down 

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4 Replies to “How to Comfort A Crying Baby”

  1. Thank you for this article!. I found it very interesting. When babies cry we feel hopeless and don’t really know what to do since they don’t talk and that’s the only way they can express themselves. I particularly enjoyed the last tip: take a break. We put soo much pressure on ourselves in these moments and sometimes we just need to step back, calm down and then come back
    Can’t wait to read the next articles!!

  2. Thank you Thessy for your comment. I am glad you found this article interesting.
    Taking a break should definitely be our number one priority when we reached out to our limit and can’t figure out why the baby is crying.

    You will get a notification via email once a new post comes out 😀

  3. It took me a while to learn that it was okay to put my baby in his crib for a break during crying fits. Sometimes just a five minute break from the crying is enough to refresh a weary and frustrated parent and give you the energy to continue.😜
    Thank you for the good article on crying!

    1. You are welcome Bibishe. Exactly! I am sure we all felt guilty at some point but we can only do our best.

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